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January 28 2023

Since sometime in November 2022 I've been bouncing ideas around in my head about how I want to do 2023, stay with the straight f ictional/fantasy aspect of it or go back to the original guys like Awezome etc
The ideas for both float around in my head I'm not going to lie, I then had the thought of letting the game decide and doing Royal Rumble 2023 with both current and past wrestlers (guys like Awezome etc) so as I sit and think for most of this month about that I then go back and look at the past results and anytime I do that. The original members can't hold a candle to this new generation that I have. The originals just don't last and they start stacking up in the loss column rather than the win column.
As per usual my brain continues to think as I watch wrestling and I get this idea that at first and on paper it sounds good until I dive more into it..
The idea was, what if I give these original guys a modern update. Since most of the originals were guys based in the early 2000's since that's when I started KWOAOA (2002 to be exact), yeah that's how old KWOAOA is, it's been in existence for 30 years it may not have the history but that's how long the existence has been around.
Anyways going back to the modern update thought I had, so I got watching wrestling and looking at my list of originals and some of them seemed easily enough done.
Instead of Awezome being based on Mike Awesome I could make him based on The Miz (the idea came with that due to his catch phrase) at the time I thought I'll run with it and see what else will get stacked up.
Heart Throb (who later got an actual name) whose name I can't think of was based on HBK I could modernize him to be based on Dolph Ziggler since those gimmicks are similar. I'm looking at the list and kind of smiling thinking this is going easier than I ever thought. But then I hit the darker wrestlers like Big Evil 2k4 and Kryptik (Undertaker and Kane) and that's where I stop dead. Dark characters aren't really in WWE anymore and I'm really not familiar with AEW or anything else at this time.
So I got stuck at that moment.

Will I run in 2023?
Will I start with a Royal Rumble?
Who will I go with originals or current?

All these are very good questions and right now I have zero answers
December 24 2022

So you may have seen the right side and left side look exactly the same. I do plan on doing something with the right side even though I removed it a few months ago I decided to bring it back.
I hate creating mobile websites, they make the website so fucking boring, they make the website so fucking limited.
No site that I have is mobile friendly, it's small screen friendly but when it comes to mobile device like a cell phone, nope you won't see that.

Originally this post was suppose to go up on December 23rd, but we got hit with another storm and everything that I wanted to do got put on hold. It was a long and boring day to say the lease, it had me sit around watching movies and thinking.
If you know me the thinking half is a bad idea

But I thought about the final event for 2022 which is Death Of 2022. I also thought about 2023
I don't know what 2023 is going to bring, I honestly don't. My brain has been all over the place, it's no doubt a nice cocktail of confusion and depression.
One minute I like certain things, the next minute I'm unsure if I want to do that idea so I run it into the ground.

I have thoughts for 2023 but a good portion of those thoughts were suppose to happen in 2022 and they never did.

I guess we'll see what'll happen in 2023, which mainly puts the focus on what my brain will be like. Will it be a healthy year or a unhealthy year for me?
December 14 2022

Alright so I took most of the month of November off from running anything, if you've been following me and how I do things at times wrestling is a real hit/miss with me. Sometimes I get rather into it other times no matter what I have zero interest in it. Well the start of November I had a fair amount of interest in, but that vanished. honestly I haven't watched wrestling since the start of November, I was watching it a bunch in October mainly just WWE mainly because it's free and on TV. Not to mention that at that time TSN didn't have an app so WWE was the only thing I could get, well okay that's not entirely true through the app known as Plex I can watch Impact Wrestling and MLW but I haven't.

Aside from that I'm hoping to run one event today called "The Day After Tomorrow" similar to the movie title considering tomorrow where I'm living we're suppose to get hit with a bit of a nasty little snow storm mixed with ice and wind.
I'm also hoping to run Death Of 2022 at the end of the month or close to it as well.
Anything more than those two events will be bonus.

Results for Day After Tomorrow are up