12-Man Battle Royal: Vea Vaega won a 12-man Royal Rumble: x V. Soamoa and L. Galindo started out. x Aaron Cargill entered at 0:02:00 x L. Galindo threw out A. Cargill after a palm blow in 0:02:48 x V. Soamoa threw out L. Galindo in 0:03:28 x Vea Vaega entered at 0:04:00 x Akinori Sakata entered at 0:06:00 x Kazuharu Shiotani entered at 0:08:00 x V. Vaega threw out K. Shiotani in 0:08:33 x Destin Eastwood entered at 0:10:00 x V. Vaega threw out V. Soamoa after a thrust kick to the head in 0:11:41 x Hiroaki Kushibiki entered at 0:12:00 x V. Vaega threw out H. Kushibiki in 0:13:07 x Julio Vega entered at 0:14:00 x J. Vega threw out D. Eastwood after a spinning power bomb in 0:15:12 x Mika Fatialofa entered at 0:16:00 x Luis Miguel Ruiz entered at 0:18:00 x J. Vega threw out M. Fatialofa after a rolling elbow smash in 0:19:13 x L. Ruiz threw out J. Vega after a low blow in 0:19:35 x Donato Baron entered at 0:20:00 x V. Vaega threw out D. Baron after a pumphandle slam in 0:20:13 x V. Vaega threw out L. Ruiz in 0:20:15 x V. Vaega threw out A. Sakata after a top-rope Frankensteiner in 0:20:29 Rating: ** 1/4 Click here to see highlights. Card rating: ** 1/4 Match observations:
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, 03-01-2018