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July 19 2021
Honestly I'm too fucking tired of trying to make the site optimized for mobile, for tablets and for everything else.. If I'm creating the site myself which clearly I have to I know I can make it look good on computer screens but for mobile devices and tablets I can't promise that cause I'm just one man.. So the graphics will be large and no longer optimized for that.
July 13 2021
Next event will be
kkw one night stand
That's right KKW One Night Stand
July 12 2021
KWOFST first event Arrival now online check there site for the results
June 17 2021
We are pleased to announced that we will be starting up our own developmental league called:
Ken's Wrestling Organization - Future Stars of Tomorrow
More on this SOON
June 14 2021
Results from
Now online, check the current results
June 14 2021
Next event is:
All matches will be in some sort of steel structure, haven't decided Hell In A Cell or Cage
June 11 2021
Results online from
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June 11 2021
Just signed:
The Female Demon
the female demon
She will make her debut at Vengeance
June 11 2021
Notes From
First thing is first, Mitsuhiro Nakamura made a surprise appearance in KWOAOA defeating Ryan Chan in his comeback match. You may remember as he use to wrestle for us and did hold the World Title for a bit. We decided that we wanted to bring him back as he was one of three that we had an idea to bring back for Heatwave and figured it would fit in for him to battle Ryan Chan.

Lost Soul made her debut as well, she loss to our Vixxxenz Champion, people may laugh and say she loss via hiptoss but it took over 18 minutes to get to that point. We have no real thoughts about Lost Soul right now but look forward to a future with her.

Nico Voight defeated Eyk Menz in a non title match which has also earned him a title match at Vengeance.

We haven't decided who is going to face Jennifer MacDonald for the Vixxxenz Championship at this time
June 11 2021
Next event will be:
June 10 2021
Results are in from
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June 10 2021
lost soul
We just signed Lost Soul
She'll make her debut at Heatwave
June 6 2021
Next event is:
May 29 2021
Results From:
against all odds
Are now online
Next event should be announced shortly
May 26 2021
Next event will be:
against all odds
Results should be in a few days
May 24 2021
no mercy
Results are now online
May 23 2021
My next event will be:
no mercy
No titles will be up for grabs since this is the first event with the smaller roster and 99% new people
May 22 2021
I always keep telling myself to have more wrestlers as I can do more the problem is when I do this and take breaks I lose track of everything, I had 30 wrestlers.. I removed all but 3. I plan on only having a small roster from now on..

Instead of diving into a huge amount I figure I'm going to start with 12.. six men and six women.. I'll add more when I feel I'm comfortable with the amount.

I know I don't run things consistently and I never have

At times I run things more frequently than others, I should be announcing my next card at some point soon.

Times like today when I screwed up my own card and all these releases are two very big reasons why I always think about starting over because I always do this and I know it makes things look like a joke, I'm sure it's no different than anything else that I do but it's frustrating.

But what can I say ? As of late I know that my mind isn't right
May 22 2021
You won't ever see this from any of the big promotions but from mine you will..


The event Hardcore Justice 2021 was an idea I had for a while but over the last few days the idea got kinda messed up in my head with other ideas for events, then when the new version of TNM came out I knew I wanted to test it out so in a last minute decision I tossed together the event Hardcore Justice 2021

So where did the fuck up come in ?

The very last minute I did everything triple threat matches and four matches in when I actually paid attention everything was ending up time limit draws, I could have stopped and deleted the card and reworked it and replanned it but I didn't want to. I'm hoping that in the future I'll smarten up and that I'll actually pay attention to shit
May 22 2021
hardcore justice
Hardcore Justice results up
May 22 2021
Today we released the following from our circuit:

Adam Jones
Ben Fraser
Bobby Bell
Brad Macdonald
Colton Fourner
Colton Parsons
Eric Thompson
Etienne Morin
James Ross
Jules Parson
Kevin Deschnes
Michael Robertson
Nicolas Collins
Nick Bennett
Owen Thomas
Phillippe Collins
Tony Scott
Tyler Leblanc
Tyler Thomson
Will Graham
May 22 2021
hardcore justice
A few days ago TNM updated it's game, making a good collection of changes & updates.

I think it's time to test out the latest game and with that I announce the next event... Hardcore Justice

Every match will have the ability to have a hardcore match... By that I mean hardcore rules will be enabled but it's up to the participants if they choose to include weapons or not..

Stay tuned for the results (hopefully 1-3 days)
April 20 2021
Elimination Chamber 2021 results now online
April 20 2021
I'm not going to announce the card, I never seem to do so and I'm not going to break that tradition.

However I will say this, for the first time for us the 2021 Elimination Chamber card will feature nothing BUT elimination chamber matches. Not just men will be having elimination chamber matches but our women too.

Keep checking back for results (hopefully 1-3 days)
April 12 2021
Fastlane 2021 results now online
March 15 2021
Royal Rumble 2021 results now online
March 9 2021
Due to problems beyond my control (more so ISP issues) I had trouble getting uploadin (mentioned below).
But I'm slowly playing catch up on my cards that I had planned.. First up is Royal Rumble where in the one event I did 3 Royal Rumble matches:
1 - Male
1 - Female
Basically the winners of each will get shot are respectful champions, however the champion of the last one will be the #1 contender for the title for the sex they are..
Right now I don't even know if I have champions setup or not... Guess that's something to look into before next event, but like I said I'm slowly getting back into doing things
March 5 2021
I want to say welcome to my new site, as a few things changed with it but a few things also didn't change. I found no point doing a counter nor doing copyright info at the bottom since most of the text and images posted on this site are from outputs of games etc so a copyright seems kinda stupid. That and lets face it when it comes to the internet who really listens to that copyright shit anyways.

It's been a while since I updated things I know technically I could have posted more news than these three things since I could have talked about the TNM Tournament at which point I sent in Nico  to battle and he didn't do that great, I think he only won one match. He came back licking his wounds.

We retooled him a bunch but then had massive issues getting our site back updated because our ISP made a great deal of changes or it was our setup who really knows but for a good two months (December to late February) it was certainly making us wonder if KWOAOA was ever going to return to the way things were. I later sat down and modified the site and updated the coding to html5 / css3 (I know none of you care) .. Even though I was unsure if the site would see the light of day.

So in a desperation attempt / hail mary I decided to invest in different equipment since my ISP wasn't being any help.. I spent $105, to some that's a lot of money to others they would understand especially if the internet wasn't working properly and the ISP wasn't being any help (ISP - Internet Service Provider)

Glad to say that it seemed to have fixed things as after my hardware came in and I hooked it up / configured it and gave it a few hours to auto update it seemed to have made my internet that much better and it allowed me to upload that much nicer which then allowed me to get my site back online, but I didn't want to jump the gun when it started out going well I wanted to sit, wait and give things time. Everything seems to be going strong still.

I'm hoping to get back into running things in due time, just bare with me over the next little while